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our offices are located on the edge of Sydney CBD, adjacent to Centennial Park . . . easy parking, so come for a walk and a chat.  Take a break and get out of the office


About CostsPlus

experience+  results+  enthusiasm+  turnaround+

CostsPlus is a hugely experienced Australian-owned business, providing the precise people knowledge and expertise to deliver efficient solutions for an ongoing relationship to manage legal costs matters in a timely and effective way.


Our staff are some of the most skilled legal costs consultants in the Australian legal marketplace. When it comes to legal costs, our team has a scope beyond the in-house skills of most Australian law firms and many newcomer competitors. 


Meet our founder... Ross Nicholas  BA, LLB

Ross is the Managing Director of CostsPlus, a business he founded in 1998 after two decades of hands-on experience in the legal profession. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1983 and worked in private practice for 10 years with legal costing organisations Mahlab Costing and Pattison Hardman. Ross was the manager of these organisations, helping to direct and grow those businesses, supervise others and yet always be accessible and hands-on for clients.


The skills of 'big picture' capability yet intense 'quality focus' on detailed legal costing scenarios together with finding better ways to do the business led Ross to establish CostsPlus in mid-1998…
to provide a trusted and distinctively new service option for lawyers facing a more demanding law environment.


Ross is retained by leading firms to give expert evidence in security for costs and lump sum costs applications. Additionally he lectures at the NSW College of Law in the specialty area of legal costing. Personable, always good listener, Ross is regarded as an astute professional by clients and competitors alike. 

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When asked what makes CostsPlus different to other
legal costing options Ross says without hesitation:

"Seeing more matters than any single law practice, together with the experience of several decades means we simply do a more accurate job, and that means quality commercial outcomes for our clients. Our size and flexibility enables us to bring the right talent to the specific matter, swiftly."

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