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CostsPlus Services

There are 7 primary services in our portfolio

CostsPlus services are designed in detail and in practice to give you a real 'plus factor' to help you transform the legal costs part of your matters into better business outcomes. CostsPlus enables you to outsource your costing requirements, reduce administration and staffing overheads, slim management time, to let you focus on what you do best... law. 

Bills of costs and applications for assessment

From your files, solicitor diaries, computer time records and applying costs benchmarks we can prepare end-of-matter bills of costs to provide an effective and timely cash-flow solution for your successful clients and for your practice. We also prepare applications for assessment free of charge when required.


Notices of objection

We can prepare detailed objections and submissions to a bill of costs served by the other side in a matter.  Timely turnaround is essential in order to comply with legislative and costs assessor's timetables. We can also recommend strategies for appropriate settlement.


Expert witness service

Ross Nicholas, our principal, has many years of experience providing expert opinions and court appearances giving authoritative evidence in complex or disputed security for costs applications. Ross has a current unrestricted practising certificate and has provided expert evidence in high profile cases. Click here for more details. 


Review & response

CostsPlus can assist in reviewing and responding to notices of objections and making concessions where appropriate.


Costs orders

CostsPlus can advise on the meaning of costs orders and how they can be most effectively implemented. The interpretation of complex costs orders is part of our service.


Advisory services

CostsPlus can provide advice on the best approach to the resolution of a costs dispute with options and recommendations. We can also provide order of magnitude opinions and general advice on methods of proceeding in particular jurisdictions. Click here for a link to our e-briefing section so we can provide you with a swift opinion or ring us on 9380 8868


Professional education though inhouse seminars

CostsPlus can provide in-house seminars on current legal costing issues and practice. These are given free of charge and can be claimed to fulfill MCLE requirements. Topics could include cost proportionality, costs agreements, hourly rates and time recording, and recent legislative changes. 

"Seeing more matters than any single law practice, together with the experience of several decades means we simply do a more accurate job, and that means quality commercial outcomes for our clients. Our size and flexibility enables us to bring the right talent to the specific matter, swiftly."

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